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 Fence Line Feeders
 No more being trampled by hungry animals! Ideal for feeding large groups quickly. No hassles or spilling of feed. These feeders are VERY efficient. There are two poly plastic troughs for the feed, so there is no rusting of the pans. So easy to use, even a child can feed!
(Also available with hay brackets to attach a piece of plywood to feed hay along with grain.)

Round Hay and Grain Feeders
You will love this feeder!  This feeder is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and will work with babys or even mature animals. Hard for the animals to move, but easy for you. Just turn it on its side and roll it where you want it and set it upright!
4' Round Hay & Grain (Poly Tub) 15 Space
3' Round Hay & Grain (Poly Tub) 14 Space

Hay Saver Insert
Funnel shaped insert (shown here placed in round feeder) reduces hay waste and keeps smaller animals from climbing in feeder. Works great for goats and also keeps most chafe out of the fleece!

Versatile Creep Feeder
Made of heavy steel � ideal for all age groups. Easy set up. Can use with front creep panels. (Approx. 600lb. Capacity) The lid is locked down and will not allow for the feed to become wet. The inner construction of the feeder allows for no "dead feed" in the feeder.


Weather Vane Mineral Feeder
Are you wasting the salt and mineral that you are feeding? This salt and mineral feeder will help save the valuable salt and mineral. This weather vane feeder keeps mineral dry and clean. The base contains two ball bearings, so it spins freely and easily so your salt and mineral keep dry even during the worst rain storms. Available in small, medium and large.
Small capacity is about 25 lbs.
Medium capacity is about 50 lbs.
Large capacity is about 75 lbs.

(Small and medium are pictured.)

   Combo Feeders
These feeders are a hay and grain saver! They work great with sheep and goats. The legs on these feeders are adjustable, so you can place the feeder at the height that would best suit your needs. There is also an optional step bracket for the legs, so the animals will have to step up to eat and will waste less.
(5 ft. Combo Feeder Pictured with step brackets)

5 ft. Combo Feeder
8 ft. Combo Feeder

   Collapsable Hay Feeder
This feeder works wonderful! It collapses as the animals eat, and will not move in until all the hay is cleaned up in front of it. This picture was taken at a customers farm, that has been using it for 5+ years, and is estatic about his feeder.

Short legs

Cradle Round Bail Feeder
No more waste of hay in the mud and water. This feeder gets the hay up off the ground for the animal to eat. Removable end gate for ease of loading with a 3 point hitch on the back of the tractor, or you can load it over the top. It will hold up to 6X6 bales.
Two seperate heights available. Short and tall legs are interchangable with any of the Townsend cradles. Short legs are great for sheep and the tall legs are great for goat producers. 
There are many, many, many satisfied customers using the Townsend cradle round bail feeder.

  16" Hanging Hay and Grain
This feeder is great for placing in a pen with one or two animals. It all ows for hay and grain to be feed in the same feeder, but yet small enough so it doesn't take up the whole pen and can be hung on the fence or on a 2x4.

  Hay Basket
The hay basket is versitle enough to take to shows and strong enough to be used in your everyday duties around the farm. No more feeding hay on the ground.

  Plastic Hay Basket
The hay basket is versitle enough to take to shows and strong enough to be used in your everyday duties around the farm. No more feeding flakes of hay on the ground and watching them use it as bedding.This hay basket basket made of plastic, so there is no rusting.


Show Troughs
These show troughs made of heavy duty plastic with either stainless steel folding hooks or flat iron hooks built for years of service. Available in many colors and sizes. Standard colors are rust red, green, and purple.
12" Show Trough
24" Show Trough
36" Show Trough
48" Show Trough

  Bulk Feeders
These feeders are great for rams, calves, or bulls. They are made from the same heavy duty plastic as the show troughs, with the heavy duty flat iron hangers.


Narrow Grain Feeder
Wanting to have a small feeder for your creep area? Have just a few animals and don't need some of the bigger feeders? Or maybe even feeding salt and mineral to your animals is a breeze with either of these feeders. They have a strong steel frame witha poly trough. So the animals will not tear these feeders up. These work great no matter where you place them.


Custom Feeders
Have an idea for a feeder and you don't see it here. Let us know and we can design something to suit your needs.

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