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 Turn Table
The turn table allows you to turn sheep or goats over on their sides, or completely upside down. This makes trimming hooves a whole lot easier.
• One person can easily turn any size animal
• Sheep or goats can enter either end, as there is a bifold gate on both ends. (Also available with a headgate on the ends)
• The soft side helps to insure no injury to animal, yet allows you to squeeze a small animal as well as the largest ram or buck. This also allows the tip table to conform to the animal insead of the animal conforming to the tip table.
•The solid side adjusts up and down very easily to fit any size animal so that when they are on their sides or upside down, back rest and side always fits.  Constructed of heavy tubing."

  headgate2 Head Stanchion
The head stantion holds the animal in place for any need you may have. The head stantion can be removed and a bi-fold gate inserted. It will work in the alley system and can be interchanged with a bi-fold gate.

  chutegateopen  Bi-Fold Gate
The bi-fold gate can be used in so many ways. No one should be without several. It can be used in the alley system to block off the alley, or by itself.

Working Circle
The working circle is an essential tool for anyone with sheep or goats. It helps cut down on the time and labor drasticaly. The Townsend working circle puts a gate between you and your animal for the final approach into the chute and alley, which makes the an easier, faster, and safer way to work your animals.


  sort gate

3 in 1 Sorting Gate
This unique sorting gate can be used at the end of a runway. It can be positioned for closing off runway then opened to sort to the left or to the right. Unlike most sorting gates, you only have one handle to operate instead of two. When opened all the way to one side or the other, it creates a blind alley so the sheep or goats will see only open space to go thru.

To be used to support alley panel and to start circle. It is most generally used in conjunction with alley stop.


Drop Gate
The drop gate is a natural stop in the alley. The door is raised to allow sheep or goats to go through and then is dropped when the desired amount of animals has passed through the gate. The drop gate has the double rings and the rings to narrow down the alley.

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