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Miscellaneous Equipment

Folding Bucket Holder
This can be placed over gates or a partition. It stops set lambing pens, creep pens and show pens.

Bucket Holder
The bucket holder holds a 5 gallon bucket. The bucket holder will stop the wasting of water in the lambing pens, creep pens, and show pens.

Wool Bag Stand
The wool bag stand makes it easier to bag wool by yourself. The wool bag stand is a necessity for any professional sheerer.

Pick-up Brackets
Use the pickup brackets, 3 like lengths of an open panel, 4 ft walk thru, and 4 ft open panel to create a box for the bed of your pick-up. It uses the Townsend open panels, so when you are not using the pick-up box, you can disassemble it and use the panels where ever you need them, around the farm.

Foot Baths
The foot baths are made of durable lightweight poly. These portable footbaths can be used both inside and outside.

Lamb Chariot
The lamb chariot is great for breaking lambs and goats to lead. Pulls easily behind a 4 wheeler, lawn mower, or compact tractor.The chariot can also be used to feed lambs and goats on an inclineso they build up their leg muscles.
Available in 3, 4,or 5lamb chariot.

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